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Gearmark Photo Brings ‘The Rake’ To Life In A Terrible Method

That understood Creepypasta could be so frightening?

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If you’re an Internet expert, you’ve most likely stumbled upon some cyber mythology, the majority of which comes from the website Creepypasta. If you’ve ventured down that bunny opening of doubtful tales as well as troubling photoshopped pictures, you might have checked out stories such as Slender Man, The Russian Sleep Experiment, Jeff The Killer, as well as obviously, The Rake.

Baseding on the tradition, The Rake is a homicidal humanoid animal from the New York State location, whose MO consists of tracking, bloodshed, as well as basic horror. Some Youtubers have actually published video clips declaring to have actually acquired proof of The Rake’s presence, however like the myriad Slender Man video clips, they are definitely phony.

Counterfeit video clip proof apart, the Los Angeles movie manufacturing business Gearmark Pictures has actually simply launched an initial scary brief regarding the legendary Rake. Entitled just as Rake, the movie was composed by Alexander Crews, routed by Tony Delgadillo, modified by Roy Awras, as well as created by Guy Iorio. Clear celebrities Jodi Lynn Moore, Amber Bela Muse, Nathan Turner, Kelly Vrooman, Mike Bash, Jacob Chattman, Rachel Adams, as well as Hawk Dnofrio.

The movie shocked me in the very best method feasible. The performing is great as well as the cinematography as well as aesthetic results are excellent. As a matter of fact, I would certainly venture to state that Rake is so great that it makes you ignore the tale’s Creepypasta beginnings.|I would certainly venture to state that Rake is so great that it makes you fail to remember regarding the tale’s Creepypasta beginnings. Inspect it out listed below!


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