Ho Ho Ho. We Have A Trailer For ‘Good Tidings’

Christmas could be deadly.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 11.53.19 AMDoes any individual else discover the idea of Santa Claus horrible? Consider it: an old guy maintains tabs on the globe’s kids all year, runs a factory where oppressed fairies develop countless playthings, then requires a group of allured reindeer to fly around the world in one evening, making quits at individuals’s homes, as well as in some way moving down their smokeshaft’s to leave presents (for which he takes single credit rating). The thing that’s much more troubling is that moms and dads indoctrinate their kids with this folklore as a technique of therapy.

Because there are lots of scary films focusing on the idea of an “wicked Santa,” it’s clear that I’m not the just one that obtains weird vibes from Saint Nick. The most recent enhancement to this subgenre is called Good Tidings. Composed as well as routed by Stuart W. Bedford, Good Tidings celebrities Marcella Hazell, Alexander Mounsey, Alan Mulhall, Emma Hind, Stu Jopia, as well as Giovanni Gentile, that are likewise attributed as co-writers.


A homeless war-veteran with a chequered past need to count on a side of himself when believed hidden when he as well as his buddies are targeted by 3 ferocious psychos using Santa fits on Christmas Day.

Great Tidings will certainly be launched in the United Kingdom on December 25th, 2016. Below’s the very first trailer!


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