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The 5 Scariest Episodes of ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’

Into every era, a Slayer is born.

Regardless that Buffy The Vampire Slayer is taken into account a horror present, its episodes are principally not very scary. The writers all the time appeared extra thinking about snappy dialogue and intelligent plots than in real scares. However its monsters do play off of varied anxieties the best way horror monsters do. So in that sense, it is rather a lot a horror present.

Anyway, this can be a record of episodes that have been irregular. Listed here are the creepiest episodes of Buffy‘s seven seasons.

5. Hush

buffy hush
Why are the Gents creepy? I assume it is as a result of they’re so unusual. They take away your capability to talk and the characters can barely talk about them in any respect, and that each one makes them very obscure. They stroll-glide, have straight-jacketed creatures as servants, and have everlasting grins plastered on their faces, however none of these issues are defined. All we all know is that they need hearts. The irrationality of all of it, greater than something, is what’s scary.

Nonetheless, this episode is a tad overhyped for my part, because it’s just about the one episode of Buffy that ever obtained awards recognition. Everybody all the time factors to this episode as “that scary one”, and I feel that is unfair. It is not likely scary, simply sort of unsettling.

four. The Physique

buffy body
That is one other well-known episode – for my part this ought to be acknowledged as the best episode of TV, interval, so the truth that it is not probably the most mentioned Buffy episode is a travesty.

In a twist on the present’s format, there are not any monsters – it is nearly Buffy discovering her mother’s lifeless physique at residence, and the speedy aftermath. As an outline of grief, it really works on many ranges, and on a type of ranges it is a horror story. Buffy’s worst nightmare comes true, and there is nothing she will do about it, nothing she will battle. She’s helpless. And it destroys her.

Buffy episodes just about all the time play on anxieties, and there isn’t any nervousness extra common than the demise of a beloved one. The episode’s hyperrealism solely makes it that rather more disturbing.

three. Listening to Worry

buffy queller

The Queller demon is summoned from area to assault “loopy individuals” with slime and kill them. It leaps from the partitions and onto the sufferer’s face like a facehugger.

Truly, Alien is kind of what this episode is channelling. You’ve the alien stalking Joyce, unseen regardless of the setting (Buffy’s home) being tremendous shut-quarters. And there is the scene the place Joyce appears to be babbling incoherently in mattress, however the place it seems that she’s speaking to the Queller demon instantly above her. That is genuinely creepy stuff.

2. Conversations with Lifeless Individuals

buffy conversations
(First!Joyce, Willow, Warren makes Andrew kill Jonathan)
Okay, I am noticing a sample right here – that is the third episode on this listing involving Buffy’s mother. It is sensible, although – her demise was an enormous deal, particularly for Buffy and Daybreak.

This episode is cut up into a number of elements. One the place Daybreak confronts a malignant presence in the home that appears to be attacking Joyce’s spirit. That one is filled with bounce scares and creepy imagery. One other is Willow having a dialog with a woman who died within the earlier episode. This one’s candy, till she begins making an attempt to goad her into committing suicide. And eventually there’s Andrew being satisfied by the ghost of Warren to sacrifice Jonathan as a part of a blood ritual. All undeniably darkish stuff.

1. Similar Time, Similar Place

buffy gnarl
Gnarl is definitely the creepiest monster of the present. It isn’t simply because he eats individuals – Buffy confirmed plenty of demons in its run, so a individuals-consuming demon is not precisely particular. It is the truth that he eats their pores and skin whereas they’re paralyzed, however acutely aware that is so disturbing. He principally flays his victims alive. Flaying is about as gory as torture can get, and it occurs to a most important character on display. We actually watch Gnarl eat strips of Willow’s pores and skin on display. That does not even occur on Recreation of Thrones.

I’m wondering what number of youngsters have been traumatized by that scene. I am guessing quite a bit.


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