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The 5 Worst Fathers In Horror

Happy Father’s Day.

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In event of Father’s Day, right here’s a listing of the most awful daddies in scary I could think about. These married man typically aren’t simply fuckups or missing, they’re proactively destroying their kids’s (as well as other halves’) lives, most likely for the evulz. These are the men that would certainly have been considerably much better daddies if they would certainly simply been one more .

Jack Torrance (‘The Shining’)



Jack starts the movie fairly typical, however the horribleness is hiding near the surface area. So his very first awful choice is to be totally alone with his household in a weird resort for a whole wintertime.|His very first horrible choice is to be totally alone with his household in a weird resort for a whole wintertime. As well as since he’s an awful individual, his rage leaves control as well as he enables a ghost to persuade him that his household requirement “fixing”. When killing your other half as well as kid with an axe begins to appear like a smart idea simply since you’ve been suggesting with them, you do not precisely receive a “finest father” honor.


Henry (‘The Stepfather’)



Henry is a nit-picker. Which is fine per se, however he requires of it his households, as well. When they undoubtedly do not satisfy his criteria, he murders them, presumes a brand-new identification, as well as weds right into a brand-new household. In some way I do not believe any one of his previous households are wanting him a pleased Father’s Day.

Dr. Génessier(‘Eyes Without A Face’)

eyes genessier


Dr. Génessier isa somewhat various type of personality since he really believes he’s assisting his child. However when your activities wind up motivating her to murder you, you’re most likely doing something extremely incorrect.|When your activities finish up motivating her to murder you, you’re most likely doing something really incorrect. His child Christiane’s face was ruined in a vehicle mishap, leaving her to roam his estate using an empty mask that covers her face. Génessier informs everybody, including her fiancé, that she passed away in the mishap, therefore separating her from the outdoors. Also even worse, he explores face transplants, killing girls to discover contributors. However the brand-new face is constantly declined as well as begins to peel off away, triggering G|The brand-new face is constantly turned down as well as begins to peel off away, fasting G énessier to discover a brand-new victim/donor. The person does not also think about quiting. Person Woodhouse(‘Rosemary’s Baby’). Okay, so this person quits his other half as well as kid to the cultists following door.

Not just that, however when he informs her he

rosemary guy

 made love with her while she was subconscious in order to develop(ie, he raped her ), he was existing to conceal an also worse reality (which is that the rapist was a demon/Satan ). As well as remember that he essentially controls her for 9 months to draw this strategy off. Freddy Krueger (‘Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare’) In Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, we discover with Freddy’s memories that he had a

child. Shudder. If you needed to choose a Platonic Ideal

freddy father

of an awful daddy, could you do any type of better/worse compared to Freddy Krueger?


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