The Official Trailer For ‘Il Sonnambulo’ Looks Deeply Frightening

The brand-new web-series by Douglas Rath has a brand-new trailer as well as an advantageous opened day.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 12.54.32 PMFrom the creatives at Myth Factory Films comes a brand-new web-series to haunt your desires. Entitled Il Sonnambulo, the collection is routed by Douglas Rath as well as co-written by Hannah Rath as well as celebrities Elizabeth Moynihan, Dean Christie, Ross Mullan, Rob McLoughlin, as well as Gillian MacGregor.

Below’s the main summary:

Like a discolored shock rocker sticking on the remnants of a globe that has actually carried on, Atticus Hurst– fêted professional photographer, notorious provocateur– has actually been surviving on the after-glow of popularity. Secured right into a precariously cooperative connection with his muse, Il Sonnambulo, a nearly mythical deadly, Atticus is constantly tipped off by a strange, arbitrary customer (that never ever makes it through) at exactly 2:37 am the evening of the murders. Initially on the scene he has actually discovered ton of money– as well as notoriety– photographing Il Sonnambulo’s wrongs.|On the scene he has actually discovered ton of money– as well as notoriety– photographing Il Sonnambulo’s wrongs. Over 3 years he has actually passed through the world recording them all. The last 7 years has actually been peaceful for Il Sonnambulo– as well as Hurst– yet in spite of Atticus’s fading prestige, his aspiration to search Il Sonnambulo has not.

Puncturing the hubbub of vacant, drug-binging anarchy, a phone call at 2.37 am ushers Atticus back to the globe of extremely genuine horror-show criminal offense scenes, this time around surfacing in London, marking the civil globe’s cumulative awareness. Unwillingly employing assistance from Roberto, an enthusiastic cyberpunk transformed reporter wishing to split the darkly shining façade of Atticus’s star, both venture to find Il Sonnambulo: an objective that faces them with criminal offenses of unmatched savagery, as well as a haunting from Atticus’s past that he never ever can have pictured.

As both are attracted right into the dark edges of London where the monstrous tableau are discovered, genuine Doré etchings of fatality, oblivion as well as futility await them. This anarchic prance will certainly either consecrate Hurst’s tradition or melt them both to the ground.

The trailer has actually been launched as well as the very first installation of the collection, entitled “The End of Everything,” will certainly premiere below on Halloween (October 31st). The trailer has plenty of secret, dramatization, as well as atmospherically dark cinematography, as well as evaluating by the matching web site, Il Sonnambulo will certainly be a collection that you do not wish to avoid. I understand I’ll be adjusting in. Will you? Take a look at the trailer listed below as well as allow us understand the thing that you believe!



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