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The ‘Red Billabong’ Trailer Promises Watery Graves

Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 11.24.04 AMThere’s a brand-new Australian scary motion picture in our future. Luke Sparke’s brand-new animal function from down under is entitled Red Billabong as well as celebrities Jessica Green, Sophie Don, Tim Pocock, as well as Dan Ewing. A trailer has actually been launched, as well as the Australia-wide launch has actually been established for at some point this year. Various other info regarding this brand-new movie, like very early evaluations, celebration looks, etc, is not yet offered, however the manufacturing group was kind sufficient to publish a main recap on the movie’s IMDb web page:

In the Australian Outback, 2 siblings find old tricks as well as household exists. As their pals begin to go missing they fear they are being tracked by somebody or something from their worst headaches – But is it simply – A tale? A tale? A scam? Or is it genuine?

I likewise discovered a 2014 meeting with Sparke regarding Red Billabong, where he mentions,.

I took a look at Australian misconceptions as well as Australian tales, exactly how they associate back to indigenous times as well as exactly how I might associate that right into an intriguing film for contemporary target markets … I wished to inform something that’s brand-new as well as not retell something that’s been informed prior to. It’s something that individuals have yet to see on the display. It’s mythological activity as well as we highlight the folklore component of the tale towards completion of the movie.

For those of you reviewing this, slightly acknowledging the word “billabong” as well as questioning “the thing that’s so frightening regarding a surf-centered garments line?”, a billabong, likewise referred to as a oxbow stream, is a pond developed when a stream modifications program, after which a stumbling block is developed, leaving the pond separated. In Australia, billabongs are typically seasonal: they are completely dry the majority of the year, as well as fill with the present.

Sparke kept in mind that he was affected by Australian folklore when he was composing Red Billabong. If you’re a folklore fanatic lover like I am, you might have instantly thought about the famous bunyip: the sinister as well as meat-eating water animal that is stated to hide in riverbeds, creeks, as well as– you thought it– billabongs.

An early rendering of the bunyip– artist unknown

A making of the bunyip based upon ‘eye-witness accounts’– musician unidentified

I’m not stating that the beast haunting the personalities in Red Billabong is absolutely a bunyip; I’m simply stating that there is a likelihood that it is. However that understands?|That understands? Perhaps Sparke produced a completely initial beast. That would certainly be awesome as well.



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