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Ukraine’s ‘Human Barbie’ Cast In Upcoming Horror Film ‘The Doll’

So, a psychologist/director as well as a model/entertainer stroll into a movie collection …

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.57.40 AMThis isn’t really a joke; this is something that really may occur. Psychologist-turned-filmmaker Susannah O’Brien, PhD, has actually revealed her newest job– a slasher entitled The Doll. The movie will certainly be connected to Sahara Vision Productions, the media manufacturing business which Dr. O’Brien is head of state as well as CEO.

Up until now, just a few information regarding The Doll|Much, just a couple of information regarding The Doll have actually been launched. We understand that the make-up as well as unique results will certainly be developed by Jerry Constantine (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), that the movie will certainly be fired by David M. Brewer (Insidious), as well as … the titular doll will certainly be played by Valeria Lukyanova, AKA, “The Human Barbie” (although, she has actually specified in a meeting that she does neglect this title). We likewise have a main summary:

In this scary movie, with a mental spin, a Dr. gone to pieces gives birth to attractive had human dolls in his Barbie making manufacturing facility. However, this is NOT your mom’s Barbie!|This is NOT your mom’s Barbie! Produced from body components of previous sufferers these dolls are stitched to impersonate mail order bride-to-bes configured with a skill to eliminate.

When Eddie’s sweetheart leaves him he orders Natasha (Valeria Lukyanova, “The Human Barbie” to fill up the physical as well as psychological spaces in his life. Enthralled by the excellence of her appeal as well as body leaves Eddie in a fixated wonder as well as her had habits goes undetected as Natasha performs her function … to sustain her murder proclivity that occurs in Eddie’s guesthouse. When his sweetheart returns to your home Natasha drives her blood dehydrated fierceness to both of them.

As all of us understand, making a movie, especially of the slasher range, is costly, so an Indiegogo web page has actually been produced to increase funds for the manufacturing of The Doll. The web page guarantees numerous benefits for factors as well as has, up until now, produced $3,020 in contributions (from the wanted $1,000,000).

I could truthfully state that I wish this movie is created as well as dispersed. The facility is initial, the skill connected to the job is appealing, as well as that the movie was composed as well as will certainly be routed by a psycho therapist, that has actually mentioned (by means of her IMDb web page) that “dealing with as well as evaluating the human subconscious has actually assisted her to produce sensible personalities as well as comprehend their inspirations,” is rather interesting.

Although The Doll is still in preproduction, one more movie by Dr. O’Brien, entitled Encounter| The Doll is still in preproduction, one more movie by Dr. O’Brien, entitled Encounter, will certainly strike movie theaters in the United States December 1st of this year. Have a look at the trailer listed below!


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