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Walmart Changed ‘Deathgasm’ Title As well as DVD Fine art


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In its limitless knowledge, the rulers at the American retail company Walmart have actually made the exec choice to relabel a just recently launched DVD to ensure that it would certainly serve to cost their great facility. The 2015 rock & & roll-themed comedy-horror Deathgasm, composed as well as routed by Jason Lei Howden, has actually been rechristened “Heavy Metal Apocalypse”. The DVD was likewise provided some classy brand-new cover fine art, changing the pentacle as well as devil pictures with … a weapon.

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As I’m certain we could all concur, Satanism as well as occultism present a much higher danger to the United States compared to guns do.

Late in 2014, Walmart likewise relabelled the title of A Christmas Horror Story to A Holiday Horror Story for their DVD supply.

Image from Dread Central

Picture from Dread Central

Deathgasm stars Kimberley Crossman, James Blake, as well as Milo Cawthorne. If you do not wish to get the DVD or Blu-ray, you could capture it on Amazon.


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