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‘The Chickening’ Is The Kubrick Remix You Really did not Know You Required

Come have fun with us, Danny.

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If you’ve been on the internet in the previous 24 hrs, you might have stumbled upon a brief movie entitled The Chickening. Composed, routed, as well as created by Davy Force as well as Nick DenBoer, it made its launching in 2014 at the Toronto International Film Festival, as well as simply evaluated at the Sundance Film Festival. The Chickening was so effective at the celebrations, that Force as well as DenBoer made a decision to poise the Internet with a large launch of their movie, as well as published it to DenBoer’s Vimeo account.

The Chickening is, basically, a trippy, psychedelic remix of Stanley Kubrick’s legendary movie The Shining, based after Stephen King’s book of the exact same name. DenBoer as well as Force utilized real, chosen video footage from the movie as well as mated it with electronic results as well as home songs.

To state that The Chickening is disrupting would certainly be a gross exaggeration. In 5 mins, Force as well as DenBoer handle to turn an already-terrifying scary film right into a brilliantly tinted, imaginary headache that is in some way at the same time scary as well as darkly comical. The movie reimagines The Shining‘s Overlook Hotel as a poultry-themed hotel-slash-amusement park, as well as includes a deep-voiced, mustachioed Danny, a smart guy-esque Tony, as well as an unlucky Wendy that cannot appear to concentrate her eyes.

The Chickening is among those sensations that you truly have to see to think, so take a look at the video clip listed below!



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